The feminine identity is primarily reflected through me as a female painter. I always choose to come back paint, draw and reflect girls and young women are living in and raised nowadays. The latter shows in my paintings, although may not always be visible. The strong, powerful female energy goes ties with the situation we as women find ourselves in today. The female figure is embedded in  ‘nature’, the outdoors. Experiencing climate change and a pandemic, I feel so much more part of the natural environment as it dictates my perceptions and actions in an inevitable way. To see and feel the connectedness and beauty in this is a constant drive in my paintings. When I think of the viewer looking at my paintings, I’m hoping for a bit of unfamiliarity compared to ones own experience and the lust to discover something outside ones own body and mind. I love to paint and construct different worlds and discover something new.

The series ‚To hold one’s own world‘, finished in 2024, deals with the current situation we are living in and how I as a painter deal with the current situation we are living in and how I as a painter deal with this.

Seeking the rest, recharging, from the feeling of being overwhelmed with the ‚today‘. Holding oneself together in absence of the news, the ongoing photos, also the horrors of the nowadays.

Figure (female), tree, house are the basic ingredients I’m always coming back to in my painting process. They are holding this body of work together. And the color.

Claudia Rega


Lives and works in Münster, Germany
2012 – 2015 Studium Malerei / Studied Painting, Freie Akademie der bildenden Künste, Essen
Klasse Bernard Lokai, Prof. Stephan Schneider
Graduated as Meisterschülerin, Akademie Stipendium
1994 Psychologie (Diplom), WWU Münster

2024Reisig and Taylor Contemporary, Los Angeles, Other Days, G
Karl Oskar Gallery, Berlin, G (summer)
2023 G.ART.EN, Como, Selfscape
Stav Art Gallery, New York, USA
Pouch Cove Foundation, Residency, curated, Canada
Amelia Maxwell Artadvisory, London, GB, G, virtuell
Inventory, Karl Oskar Gallery, Berlin, D, G
2022 ‚Da hinten ist das wo wir hingehen‘, Karl Oskar Gallery, Berlin, DE, solo
‚Schau‘, Kunstverein Neckar-Odenwald, DE
‚Inventory3‘, Karl Oskar Gallery, Berlin, DE         
Volta Basel, Karl Oskar Gallery, Basel, CH
2021 ‚Mediated Landscape‘, Harvard, USA
‚Changing Landscape‘, Karl Oskar Gallery, Berlin, DE, virtuell
‚Inventory2‘, Karl Oskar Gallery, Berlin, DE
‚Open Call‘, Shrine Gallery, New York, USA, virtuell
2020 ‚Shin Haus‘, Shin Gallery, New York, USA, 2 person       
‚Station sechs‘, Palmer Galerienhaus 3.0, Stuttgart, DE
‚Spring Show‘, Silson Contemporary, Harrogate, GB
2019 ‚Welten umspannen‘, Galerie Clowns und Pferde, Essen, DE, 2 person
Parkansichten, Gruga Park, Essen, DE, solo
2017 Kölner Liste, Fair for Contemporary Art, Köln
Kunstspur Essen, Offene Ateliers, DE
2016 ‚Visits‘, Institut des Beaux-Arts, Tétouan, MAR
‚Farbe. Und Grau‘, Kunstraum Leverkusen, DE, 2 person
Kunstspur Essen. Offene Ateliers, DE
2015 „Essener Förderpreis 2015“ Nominierung und Ausstellung, Essen, DE